Most of my experience comes from the salaried employment in the Deutscher Gemeinschafts-Diakonieverband since 1991, studying computer science at the Technische Universität München, a two-year stay in Japan, as well as numerous volunteer activities for christian organizations, both domestic and international.

My knowledge is relatively broad and oriented towards the need of christian organizations with 2-50 PC clients per location in these lines of business:

In these sectors:

Planning, Implementation and Administration of Networks, Servers and PC-Clients

Central efficient administration of about 40 servers (mostly Debian Linux, occasionally Windows) in about 20 locations, totalling about 350 client PCs (mostly Windows, occasionally Mac and Linux):


Installation and Operation of Application Programs

Custom Programming

Recently in the programming languages Ruby, PHP, Kixtart, AutoItScript, Access VBA, Shell. Older experience in many others.



Creation and Maintenance of Web Presences

together with a professional designer (mostly Henri Oetjen) :

without external designer: