By Martin Stut, 2016-03-11

As is widely known by now, Windows 10 has some privacy issues. As I am helping a number of computer users, I was looking for a program that enables those users, most of them not interested in the technical details, to fix these privacy settings without having to learn all about them.


For non-technical users, I recommend O&O Shutup 10.

For technical users, I recommend W10 Privacy.




Lists of Programs

Single Products

Tried, worth recommending

O&O Shutup 10 (great for non-technical users)

W10 Privacy (great for technical users)

Tried, not worth recommending

Kaspersky Cleaner
Reports to Google Analytics. There is not much point in removing Microsoft's tracking, if you get tracked by Google instead.

Spybot Anti-Beacon

Windows Privacy Tweaker

Programs I did not try


For W7 and W8.1:

Long list of steps and shell commands (one per KB number). Non-technical users won't follow them, and they would have to redo them whenever Microsoft's tracking changes.