By Martin Stut, 2009-05-23

In one of my previous posts, I wrote about TiddlyWiki MPTW-Style. Back then in February I started using another TiddlyWiki variant, called MonkeyGTD, as a to-do list structuring tool. I use Thinking Rock in the office and would like to have something different at home, to avoid being reminded too often of the huge backlog of work in the office.

MonkeyGTD uses the taggly tagging technique of MPTW to link tasks with projects, areas, realms etc. This way it is really easy to put your to-do list into a structure. I really needed to read the documentation before starting, but I got rewarded by knowing how to arrange lots of tasks into imaginable chunks.

For my style of use, the major drawback of MonkeyGTD is the lack of sorting orders. With a dozen projects, each having several possible next actions, I'm overwhelmed by the quantity of possible next actions. I want a system that makes an educated suggestion of what to do next. MonkeyGTD has the option of staring projects and actions, but that is only a little help to me.